Better Cotton Family

Legacy Knitting is proud to announce its membership in The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), a non-profit organization that aims to promote sustainability and social responsibility in the cotton industry. As the largest cotton sustainability non-profit organization, BCI is committed to improving the livelihoods of millions of cotton farmers worldwide and ensuring a sustainable future for the industry.

Through collaboration with like-minded businesses, BCI advocates for responsible cotton production practices and higher standards of supply chain management. Members of BCI are united in their commitment to promoting sustainability, ethical business practices, and community welfare.

Legacy Knitting is honored to be affiliated with BCI and is committed to playing its part in this worthy cause. We share BCI's values and look forward to working with other members of the organization to make a positive impact on the cotton industry.


Legacy Knitting is dedicated to providing sustainable options for custom-knitted products and packaging. With this goal in mind, Greenlite has been developed to offer a range of sustainable solutions. Our clients now have access to a variety of eco-friendly materials including organic cotton, bamboo, wool, recycled polyester, compostable plastic, recycled plastic, kraft tape, and more.

Sustainability is a key concern for both businesses and consumers, and we are committed to playing our part in promoting it. We invite you to participate in this endeavor by selecting Greenlite products from Legacy Knitting for your next custom-knitted project.