Legacy Knitting is a premium knitwear manufacturer who delivers custom, high-quality socks, beanies, and Beverly beverage socks for brands like yours. Our process involves not only working with clients to custom tailor styles and design aspects to a brand’s unique voice, but we also detail and discuss the construction of the hosiery to select the right style for the intended use or application.  
Yarn on a machine in a sock factory
Proper branding shows who you are, what you’re about, and why your customers should choose you above everyone else. Custom branded apparel and accessories are strong weapons in the fight for brand attention, and custom branded socks and beanies have seen both tremendous demand and growth over the last decade as more premium materials and workmanship have become available. 
Custom socks are also a particularly cost-effective promotional tool that many of our Legacy Knitting Clients utilize in their promotional campaigns. Some of our favorite clients are music artists/groups who trust us with creating their bespoke, exclusively branded merchandise for both National and International tours, as well as mainstay apparel selections for their online Core Merchandise Collections. We also take great pride in serving small customers like community-centric craft breweries and school functions, but we also have the capability to outfit large and widely recognizable breweries and beverage makers in addition to university programs. We are proud to say we have supported some of the biggest beer releases, tours, and apparel drops of the last five years. 
Custom Socks In-N-Out Socks in a factory
Whether it’s socks, beanies, or Beverlys, our baseline of styles is a great starting point to gather ideas for your own custom designed and constructed sock, and here at Legacy Knitting, we’re here to help bring your ideas to life. We use the best machines and yarns in the industry to create truly remarkable knitted goods for retail and promotional use, and we’re ready to make yours. 
When you’re ready to jump in and create your first custom beanie or socks, we’ll be here for you. 
Or if you’re tired of being underwhelmed by cheap, low-quality goods, we’re here for you.
Let us know how we can help you today.  Contact us.
April 10, 2024 — Heather Cunningham