You need three things to produce world-class socks.

Precision Machinery. Premium Materials. Proper Set Up.

This week, we will proudly introduce you to the advanced hosiery knitting machines from Lonati.

Francesco Lonati started Lonati in Italy over 70 years ago to create high-performance knitting machines that are reliable, energy efficient, and versatile. His dedicated approach to the human aspect of production ensured that workers remained safe while operating the machines, and the ease of maintaining with little to no down time, kept the workers working.

Lonati continued to revolutionize the sock industry with the development of the stitch-by-stitch seamless toe technology, allowing for socks to be fully produced on one machine without the need for secondary manual operations. This game changing technology further increased efficiencies, helping direct customers create superior hosiery for their clients.

Producing only 8000 machines annually, global demand continues to increase for these Italian engineering marvels. Each Lonati machine is custom built to individual factory specs to provide the required versatility and performance.

Legacy Knitting uses Lonati 200 needle machines for custom dress socks, technical cycling socks, and durable running socks. 144 and 168 needle Lonati machines knit the cushiony athletic and casual sock styles from no-shows to knee highs.

See you next week when we talk about the premium materials Legacy Knitting uses and why.

Lonati hosiery machines

April 10, 2024 — Adam Clark